Cooperation Agreement with the Humboldt University of Berlin

AOn 12 March 2023, Dr Christian Voβ, head of the Department of South-Slavic Languages and Cultural Studies of the Institute of Slavic and Hungarian Studies, Faculty of Language, Literature and Humanities of the Humboldt University of Berlin arrived for a long-expected visit to The Miroslav Krleža Institute of Lexicography. In conversations with several employees of the Institute of Lexicography and during a tour of individual departments and services, the history and activities of the Institute and the Croatian encyclopedics in general were presented to Professor Voβ, and much was also learned about the current position of Slavic studies and humanities in Germany, especially since the professor served as deputy dean at the mentioned faculty in several mandates.

In accordance with good customs, books published by both institutions were exchanged during the visit, and the central event was the signing of a cooperation agreement between the Institute and the Department on researching the history of the Institute of Lexicography from 1950 to 1991, including the co-organisation of scientific conferences and study visits as well as further subprojects.

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