Library and documentation

The Library of the Institute of Lexicography comprises the Collection of Books with approximately 50,000 books and the Collection of periodicals with more than 1,300 various titles (journals and newspapers), whose structure is adapted to the needs of various fields of science. The most represented fields are those of literature, history and art.


The Library also has a valuable Collection of rarities that includes 173 rare books from the encyclopaedic and lexicographic area, originating from the periods reaching from the 16th to the 19th century.
The Collection of archive samples consists of all publications that the Institute of Lexicography has published so far.
There is also the Collection of the JAZU/HAZU editions, where publications are placed that were published by that eminent national institution.
The Library of the Institute of Lexicography also has a very valuable Referential Collection that consists of numerous foreign and domestic encyclopaedias, lexicons and dictionaries published in the period from the mid 19th century up to the present (Brockhaus, Britannica, Larousse, Treccani).
The Library of the Institute of Lexicography is a special closed-type library.
External users can access and read materials in our reading rooms.

By virtue of the importance that documentation has in the encyclopaedic and lexicographic work, in 1971 the Institute established a new specialized department, whose chief goal was compilation and classification of information of 38 different professions from periodicals and making up a data base that departments and editorial offices use in their work.

In collaboration with editors from different editorial offices, criteria for the selection of articles useful in the production of the Institute’s publications were developed. So far, the Documentation department has collected more than 100,000 documentation cards.
Since 1996 the Documentation department has been informatized. The programme used by the Department is accessible to all employees of the Institute. By the year 2008 more than 3,500 documentation cards have been digitalized and each new document is preserved in digital form. The digital documentation archive consists of 61,000 entries. The merit of the data base is in the fact that it offers a simple insight into the scanned original articles, the date of their publication, authors, sources, etc. With such a data base it is relatively easy to collect information from various areas of science or from various time periods.

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