The Miroslav Krleža Institute of Lexicography has been gathering, systematically processing, presenting, and interpreting facts and knowledge on phenomena, terms, and persons past and present for 70 years now, thus contributing to Croatian culture, knowledge, and the general education of our community.

A part of this knowledge, gathered in more than 400 volumes of encyclopaedias, dictionaries, and lexicons, is accessible on the Institute’s website. The Institute has been digitising its printed publications and publishing new digital publications for around 10 years, allowing free access to all who seek accurate and verified information.

The contents of the e-Leks platform have been designed to offer additional information to the public as well as timely information on current events in Croatia and abroad, to assist school and university students in finding information in digital and digitised encyclopaedias and lexicons, and to present decades of accumulated lexicographical wealth in an interesting and informative way.

We have prepared a selection of articles, which will guide you and show you how to easily find the desired information. The articles have been classified into sections matching the fields in the online edition of the Institute’s Croatian encyclopaedia, a general encyclopaedia based on the book (printed) edition published in 11 volumes from 1999 till 2009. The online edition of the Croatian Encyclopaedia is regularly edited and supplemented with new texts, and open to user comments and suggestions, thus fulfilling its basic function as a source of accurate and reliable information.

We would also like to draw your attention to the exceptionally valuable online edition of the Croatian Biographical Lexicon, a long term biobibliographical project of the Institute focused on biographies of persons that have contributed to Croatian identity, society, culture, and science.

Another valuable source of information is the online edition of the Croatian Encyclopaedia of Technology, which gathers and systematises knowledge about Croatia’s technological heritage and the history and achievements of technology, which occupies an important place in culture and society. The online edition of the Encyclopaedia is regularly updated and supplemented with new content.

The Institute of Lexicography continues to systematically digitise older editions and thus transfer the valuable heritage of its encyclopaedias and lexicons to future generations. The Portal of Knowledge brings together nine editions, allowing users to browse and search over 100,000 articles.

A complete list of the Institute of Lexicography’s digital and digitised editions is available here