From the History of the Institute

By the regulation of the Government of the Federal People's Republic of Yugoslavia from October 5, 1950 the Institute of Lexicography of the FPRY was founded. Since that moment the Institute of Lexicography has become a unique institution in the state.
•    Sabor, the parliament of the Socialist Republic Croatia on June 15, 1972 issued the decision that it was taking over the founders' rights and the obligation of financial support of the Institute.
•    Since the year 1983 the Institute of Lexicography holds the name of its founder Miroslav Krleža.
•    At the end of 1990 the removal of the Institute of Lexicography from No 4 Strossmayer Square to the corner of Frankopanska Street and Gjuro Deželić Street was completed and nowadays the entire Institute offices and departments have been allocated there.
•    On February 6, 1991 the Government of the Republic of Croatia issued the Regulation on The Miroslav Krleža Institute of Lexicography by which the organization and activity of the Institute was defined.
•    On May 29, 2003 the Croatian Sabor passed the Act on the Institute of Lexicography that regulated its legal status, activity and organization of The Miroslav Krleža Institute of Lexicography. By this Act the Institute was defined as a “public institution of special interest for the Republic of Croatia”. The founder of the Institute is the Republic of Croatia, and the rights and obligations of the founder are managed by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports of the Republic of Croatia.

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