During the course of its nearly 70-year long history the Institute has published more than 250 different general and specialised encyclopaedias, lexicons, dictionaries, bibliographies and other issues. Besides general Universal Encyclopaedia and Croatian Encyclopaedia, the Institute's editions include a wide range of specialised encyclopaedias and lexicons, for example Encyclopaedia of Music, Encyclopaedia of Forestry, Maritime Enyclopaedia, Encyclopaedia of Medicine, Encycloapedia of Arts, Encyclopaedia of Film, Encyclopaedia of Agriculture, Encyclopaedia of Technology, Lexicon of Economy, General Lexicon of Religion, Lexicon of Law, Croatian biographical lexicon. Dictionaries include Dictionary of the Croatian Language, Encyclopaedic Dictionary of the Human and Veterinary Medicine Terminology Eight Language Encyclopaedic Dictionary, as well as the newest editions: Dictionary of the Croatian Localities and Croatian Exonymes. Chronology of editions

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