Croatian Biographical Lexicon

The Croatian Biographical Lexicon (CBL) is the fundamental edition of The Miroslav Krleža Institute of Lexicography and one of the central, permanent programmes of the national culture. It was intended to become the fundamental addition to the tradition of gathering of biographical data in Croatia, which makes it a major research endeavour. The CBL is a multi-volume biographical and bibliographical publication reflecting the cultural and especially the lexicographic need to create a single edition presenting the basic information about the persons who on one hand contributed to the Croatian material progress and spiritual development, and who on the other hand incorporated their knowledge, skills and efforts into other nations' cultures and civilisations.
The CBL also includes the members of other nationalities who lived and worked in Croatia and among its people, contributing to their development and their integration with the international community.

The scientific basis of the approach, trustworthiness of the facts, lexicographic conciseness and selection of data, as well as the clear and precise style, make the CBL a dependable source, an indispensable manual and guide for any interested reader.
The CBL is an unavoidable compendium for research into the Croatian heritage and recent endeavours, an account of many centuries of culture and civilisation from the individual point of view.

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