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Croatian Encyclopaedia, the new great general encyclopaedia of the Institute of Lexicography, is its fundamental edition and one of the central, permanent programmes of the national culture. It was initiated in 1999, and is the fifth undertaking of this kind in the Croatian language, following the Croatian Encyclopaedia by Mate Ujević.

The encyclopaedias of the Institute of Lexicography and the two editions of General Encyclopaedia, that succeeded them in the lexicographic trustworthiness and fundamental experience, is now refreshed and expanded by uninhibited elaboration of contents of the Croatian national heritage and modernity.

Every year a volume has been published; like with the Britannica and the Italian and American encyclopaedias that in their headlines also express the language, respectively the associated cultural circle, the Croatian Encyclopaedia is a work of manifold purpose and a comprehensive source of articulate and integral information on the entirety of human activities and knowledge.
The Encyclopaedia in a balanced proportion demonstrates concepts of diverse disciplines and professions, speaks about the man, about the animate and inanimate world of our planet, about the universe and all the spiritual fields, from history, archaeology, linguistics and mathematics all through to chemistry and biomedicine, informatics and astronomy. Special attention is dedicated to etymology and pronunciation of foreign words, the position of Croatian culture and Croatian posterity in the nearer and universal environment.
An articulate, reliable, accurate and authentic encyclopaedia.

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