One Hundred Croatian Archeological Sites

One Hundred Croatian Archeological Sites is a clear and systematic guide to the archeological heritage of Croatia. The book arose at the suggestion of the Croatian Archaeological Society; including the contributions of about ninety experts and surveying the hundred most important archeological sites, it offers an overview of the material and intellectual culture on the territory of Croatia from Prehistory to the Middle Ages.

The Croatian archeological heritage is introduced in summaries devoted individually to each county, and, from the approximately seven hundred sites mentioned there, one hundred of them have been selected and presented in greater detail. The selection also encompasses six underwater sites. One Hundred Croatian Archeological Sites interprets in simple terms the significance of the archeological remains that form the basis for an accurate interpretation of cultural phenomena on our territory. It uncovers the archeological layers and reconstructs the authentic reality of the cultures and civilizations that have disappeared from Croatian territory, and it traces the dynamic processes of the various changes. The graphic content of One Hundred Croatian Archeological Sites is made up of numerous maps, excellent illustrations and graphic reconstructions. The book also contains a glossary of archeological terms, a chronological table and a bibliography.


Predgovor tiskanom izdanju

Glavni urednik: Aleksandar Durman

Godina izdanja: 2007.


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